Information Collection

Deep Finance powered by Deep Finvest Limited

While you use this app, we collect some necessary information, in order to provide you a better user experience. It includes your location details.

Technical Information- The Information Fetched By Us

When you use this app, our analytics collects some technical information. It includes the details regarding your current location, the OS (operating system) of your device, and other relevant technical information.

Why we Collect The Information And How We Use It

When you visit this app, we wish to provide you a customized experience. So, we collect the information regarding your current location to fetch out the latest data about nearby cinemas. It will help you get the most relevant information when you visit our Andriod app. We collect technical information about your device to improve the back-end technology. It is done with the objective of providing you with a hassle-free and quick experience.

Accessing Your Information And Updating It

An access point provided when you use our service can help with accessing and updating. You can contact us when you face any issues while accessing your information.

Confidentiality Of Information

As per our non-disclosure policy, we don’t share any of your confidential or personal information with third-party for personal or commercial profit. However, we can use your confidential information to make our future products and services better. 100% Secure And Certified

We at Deep Finance powered by Deep Finvest Limited use SSL certification and implement various security checks to ensure a 100% secure service that will safeguard your information from getting hacked or lost.

Policy Changes

We can make changes to the Privacy Policy either to accommodate the growing demands of our customers or to comply with the guidelines suggested by the Industry or Government. We take utmost care to uphold your rights under the Privacy Policy. If there is any change in Privacy policy, the same is updated on the webpage. So, in order to get the latest Privacy Policy, keep visiting the webpage.


Device Information

We use the information to detect the device used to access Deep Finance powered by Deep Finvest Limited. It aids in avoiding any fraudulent activities. Also, you can access customized products and offers.